Sep 11, 2019 - Tails of Help temporary suspension for approvals of funding applications effective immediately

Tails of Help is working hard to keep more Alberta pets healthy and with their loving families. It is clear that the need for this program has surpassed our current capacity to fund it. 
We have reached a point where Tails of Help is now on the verge of having allocated all our available charitable funds for providing pet treatment aid.

Effective immediately, as of September 11, 2019, Tails of Help will have to temporarily suspend accepting applications to aid pet owners in need.

How can you help? Everyone can help by making a gift to our program that helps clinics to serve more pet owners in financial need!

Clinics and veterinarians can also help by signing up to participate in our upcoming fundraising campaigns ( ), and by spreading the word to your clients about this worthy cause, asking them to visit our website to learn about us and donate to support this valuable charity.

Since December 2013 the Tails of Help charitable foundation has been providing financial assistance for low income Alberta pet owners who find themselves unable to afford essential health care for their ill or injured pet. During that time, the number of applications submitted on behalf of low income pet owners has continued to grow. In 2017 Tails of Help provided aid for over 120 pets and owners, in 2018 we provided aid for over 180, and after just 8 months in 2019 we have provided aid for almost 120 pets and owners, on pace to surpass last year’s total. Based on past history patterns, we expect that need will continue to increase even more in the coming months.

Here are some other things that clinics can do to help:

  1. Put Tails of Help brochures and donation canisters on the front desks of their clinics. You can order donation canisters and brochures here:

  2. Post information about Tails of Help on clinic social media pages. Contact us if you need help with what to post.

  3. Hold a fundraiser event (e.g. charity BBQ or in-clinic competition) either now or as part of the Alberta Challenge. (The Alberta Challenge will take place in November and December, and further details will be provided in the coming months.)

  4. Encourage clients and staff to participate in our Howloween dog walk event on October 26th, 2019 if they live near Calgary. More information will follow in the coming months.

  5. Email us if you know of any clients that have received funding that would be willing to be interviewed. We are looking for more success stories to share!

(For any of the above, contact us by email here: )

In the coming weeks Tails of Help will be rolling out further public communications about our current situation, and about fundraising campaigns to rebuild our reserves for this vital charitable activity.

Approved by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, Tails of Help is a registered charity dedicated to pet health care education and improving access to essential veterinary care for pets of low income and at-risk families in Alberta.

for Low income
Alberta families.

Who Are We?

Tails of Help is a volunteer-driven registered charity focused on helping Albertans in need. Approved by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, we help fund essential veterinary care for ill or injured pets of owners who are experiencing financial hardship. Our goal is to help keep pets healthy and with their loving families.

How Can I help?

We are currently engaged in our annual fundraising campaign and need your support! As part of our annual campaigns we offer varying levels of recognition for both individuals and corporations. Learn more.

Volunteer your time — Whether you can lend a hand for a few hours, or help lead some of our bigger projects, your skills and talents can be a big help to our cause.


Who Do We Help?

We help seniors, disabled, or low income pet owners who own pets that need essential veterinary treatment. We can help care for companion animals of all kinds, from dogs and cats to birds and ferrets.

See complete Eligibility Criteria

Why Is Our Work Important?

Research shows that too many Albertans are forced to give up a family pet because they cannot afford needed health care.  When financial hardship strikes, animals are often left untreated, suffering, surrendered, or even euthanized. 

Learn more about the value of the Human Animal Bond.



2018 premier sponsor: VCA Canada

2018 premier sponsor: VCA Canada

2016 PLATINUM SPONSOR: Calgary Foundation

2016 PLATINUM SPONSOR: Calgary Foundation

*Tails of Help is seeking to raise commitments of $330,000 during its fiscal year ending May 31, 2019 through its fundraising campaigns.  We estimate that it will cost our organization $120,000 to raise this amount. We anticipate that these organizational costs will be entirely covered by corporate sponsorships and grants. This means that 100% of all additional donations will go toward our charitable activity of helping pets and families. Please note that this is just the second full year that we will have a paid staff member working for the charity. We plan to use the money to fund essential veterinary care for ill or injured pets of Alberta owners who are experiencing financial hardship. Our goal is to keep pets healthy and with their loving families. For further information, please see our website at, or phone Mark Patrick, Interim Executive Director at 587-575-8415 or email . Our mailing address is 1260 – 5328 Calgary Trail NW, Edmonton, T6H 4J8. Tails of Help is incorporated under the Companies Act (Alberta) and is a registered charity under the Income Tax Act (Canada).