Tails of Help temporary pause in approval of funding applications effective immediately

Since December 2013 the Tails of Help charitable foundation has been providing financial assistance for low income Alberta pet owners who find themselves unable to afford essential health care for their ill or injured pet. During that time, the number of applications submitted on behalf of low income pet owners has steadily grown. In 2016 we provided aid for over 140 pets and owners, an 80% rise over the total of 78 in 2015. Already in the first 5 months of 2017 we have provided aid for over 90 pets and owners, on pace to total 220 by the end of this year, and another increase of more than 55% over 2016. Based on past history patterns, we expect that need will continue to increase even more in the coming months.

Tails of Help is working hard to keep more Alberta pets healthy and with their loving families. It is clear that the need for this program has exceeded our current capacity to fund it. 
We have reached a point where Tails of Help is now on the verge of having allocated all our available charitable funds for providing pet treatment aid.

Effective immediately, Tails of Help will have to temporarily pause accepting applications to aid pet owners in need.

How can you help? You can help by making a gift to our program that aids clinics to serve more pet owners in financial need!

Clinics and veterinarians can also help by signing up to participate in our upcoming fundraising campaigns (email us here: ), and by spreading the word to your clients about this worthy cause, asking them to visit our website to learn about us and donate to support this valuable charity.

Here are some other things that clinics can do to help:

  1. Put Tails of Help brochures and donation canisters on the front desks of their clinics. You can order donation canisters and brochures here: . 
  2. Post information about Tails of Help on clinic social media pages. Contact us if you need help with what to post. 
  3. Hold a fundraiser event (e.g. charity BBQ or in-clinic competition) either now or as part of the Alberta Challenge.  (The Alberta Challenge will take place in November 2017, and further details will be provided in the coming months.)
  4. Encourage clients and staff to participate in the Howloween dog walk on October 28th, 2017 if they live near Calgary. More information will follow in the coming months. 
  5. Email us if you know of any clients that have received funding that would be willing to be interviewed.  We are looking for more success stories to share! 

(For any of the above, contact us by email here: )

In the coming weeks Tails of Help will be rolling out further public communications about our current situation, and about fundraising campaigns to rebuild our reserves for this vital charitable activity.

Approved by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, Tails of Help assesses qualified applications and provides funds to assist with care of the pet for Alberta families in financial need.
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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Effective April 10, 2017 New Funding Limits and Application Criteria

For more information about these changes, please click here.

How Can We Help?

Veterinarians are often faced with tragic situations where pets are surrendered or euthanized because of financial distress. Clinics provide significant pro bono services, but cannot bear the entire burden alone. 

Tails of Help is dedicated to providing financial support to qualified pet owners who find themselves in need of essential veterinary care. Applications for funding are made on behalf of eligible pet owners by participating Alberta veterinary clinics, and rely on veterinarian recommendation of both the animal and the owner for the program.  

Any financial support from Tails of Help is supplied directly to the treating veterinary practice entity.  Owners are expected to make some financial contribution to the treatment of their animal.  

  • Qualifying criteria for owners and for patients can be found here
  • Application form to submit a case can be found here
  • For pet owners who do not fit into one of the six Specific Criteria on the main Application Form, the Owner Financial Need Form can be found here
  • (ABVMA member login is required to access these pages)
As of November 2013 we began accepting applications for health care assistance submitted by participating veterinary clinics.

A Participating Veterinary Practice:

  1. Is an ABVMA certified Veterinary Practice Entity
  2. Agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the program
  3. Agrees to evaluate the owner and patient according to the program criteria and nominate only eligible cases and eligible owners
  4. Agrees to actively engage in activities of Tails of Help including promotion, and/or fund-raising

For detailed Information for Veterinarians: click here to access:

  • Detailed qualifying criteria for owners and patients
  • Details of the Funding Application Process
  • Funding Application Form

(NOTE: above are secured pages, ABVMA member login is required)

Tails of Help donation kits for veterinary practices
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