Some Alberta Facts Associated with Pets of Owners in financial need

      Yearly number of small animal cases of pet essential treatment requiring financial aid in Alberta*

$53 Million
      Estimated yearly cost to treat all pet essential treatment cases requiring financial aid in Alberta*

Survey of Alberta veterinary industry representatives* indicate perceived animal outcomes when clients require financial aid:
      35% are euthanized
      40% involve co-pay or pro-bono treatment by veterinarians
      12% receive no treatment
      13% surrendered
(study did not include number of pets abandoned as a result of financial hardship)

      Cost to the public to shelter or euthanize surrendered pets
      Cost to the public to pick up and care for abandoned pets
      Cost to public in pursuing “medical neglect” charges

* Capstone Project, Winter 2013 “Financial Assistance for Pet Essential Treatment: An assessment of Provincial Need and Industry Perception”  Cammille Hunt, Sarah Molund, Kristina Oxtoby & Lindsay Yeomans, University of Alberta AN SC 479/499