What is the ABVMA relationship to Tails of Help?

Tails of Help has been created as a collaborative initiative between public community representatives and the ABVMA, as approved by the ABVMA Council in 2012. It is a charitable foundation registered as a corporation with the Alberta and federal governments in 2013, at arms-length from the ABVMA. The ABVMA has a majority stake in the foundation structure, and a majority position on the foundation board of directors, in order to ensure that the new organization is a secure long-term sustainable structure, with integrity and high credibility, and protect the reputation of the ABVMA. The foundation board of directors also includes public members who bring their skills, expertise, and experience to help develop an effective new organization, and to help further engage public participation and that of other community organizations, foundations, and corporations.

Is the ABVMA donating money from members’ dues to fund this program?

No, the ABVMA is not donating cash to fund Tails of Help. The ABVMA has provided certain resources at no material cost to its members and has engaged key veterinary members, with a passion to develop this worthy activity, to support an orderly and successful start-up of this foundation. Tails of Help will conduct direct fundraising with the public, foundations, and corporations, and encourages direct contributions from ABVMA members.


Are practices required to participate in delivering the program? and Are practices required to contribute funds as Founding Donors?

All participation is voluntary, for delivering the program or for contributing as Founding Donors. Veterinary practices that contribute as Founding Donors can choose whether or not to participate in delivering the program. Practices and/or individual veterinarians that participate can choose whether or not to contribute as Founding Donors.  Tails of Help encourages all Alberta veterinary clinics with companion animal practices to participate in this program.


What is required for veterinary practices to participate in delivering the program?

Practices are free to opt in or out of delivering the program at any time. 

A participating veterinary practice:

  1. Is an ABVMA certified Veterinary Practice Entity

  2. Agrees to comply with the terms and conditions of the program

  3. Agrees to evaluate the owner and patient according to the program criteria and nominate only eligible cases and eligible owners

  4. Agrees to actively engage in the activities of Tails of Help including promotion, and/or fund-raising.


How are cases submitted for financial assistance?

Tails of Help intends to make the process as quick and convenient as possible for practices that are submitting applications for assistance. One way we can help achieve this is by having clear information to define the qualifying criteria. Financial assistance applications begin with the veterinarian’s assessment of both the patient and the owner suitability for the program. Details of the qualifying criteria, and forms for submitting an assistance application, are available on the For Vets page of our website.