Special Funding for Fort McMurray Residents

Tails of Help have committed $25,000 of special funding to assist Fort McMurray residents who have pets in need of essential health care, and are experiencing financial hardship.

This is temporary additional funding available to Fort McMurray residents who meet Tails of Help eligibility criteria, regardless of where in the province they are presently located; i.e. returning Fort McMurray residents, or displaced residents on longer term evacuation outside Fort McMurray, can qualify for this funding.

Any Alberta veterinary practices that are providing services to displaced Fort McMurray residents are able to submit applications on behalf of Fort McMurray pet owners for these allocated funds.

The usual Tails of Help program limits per veterinary practice do not apply for this special funding, and any use of this special funding does not affect veterinary practice eligibility to apply for Tails of Help standard program aid for other pet owners in need.

This special funding program will end on June 30, 2016 or when the funds are fully disbursed, whichever occurs first.

Tails of Help is dedicated to helping fund essential veterinary care for qualified Alberta pet owners in need when their pets are ill or injured. All applications for Tails of Help aid are made  by Alberta veterinary clinics on behalf of eligible pet owners, and rely on veterinarian recommendation of the animal and the owner for the program.

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“Tails of Help Funding Application Process – Amended for Fort McMurray Evacuee Applications”

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