Founding Campaign Contributors



Dr. Brent & Wilma Jackson

Merril Schmitt & Ian Fowler

Paul & Donna Lessard

Frederick & Marianne McIntosh


Phyllis Fowler

Dr. Jackie & Terry Simmonds


Anonymous Donors

Associate Veterinary Clinics staff

Falconridge Animal Hospital staff

John Hee

William MacGillivray

Janet Morgan-De Bruyn

Connie Varnhagen

Dr. Tara Walters


Anonymous Donors

Brentwood Animal Hospital staff

Dorothy Couper

Richard Eisenbraun

David & Maria Feakes

Bruce Fowler

Ian Gemts

Nancy Becker Hallford

Katherine Harmsworth

Harvest Hills Veterinary Clinic euthanasia donations

Ken & Maureen Keeler

Joan McCurdy-Myers

Rosanne Mills

Carol Mobbs

Megan Okros

George Pastirik

Mrs Jennifer Pastirik

Mark & Leslie Patrick

Kim Robinson

Don & Marie Ruzicka

Stephanie Thatcher

Justina Weenink

Western Veterinary Specialist Hospital Staff

Shannon Woolgar



Alberta Association of Animal Health Technologists

Associate Veterinary Clinics

Big Horn Veterinary Services Ltd.

Guardian Veterinary Centre Ltd.

The Scotlyn Foundation

WDDC Limited


Calgary Trail Pet Hospital


Landing Animal Clinic

Lessard Callingwood Veterinary Hospital


Beaumont Animal Clinic

Canmore Veterinary Hospital

Coach Hill Veterinary Hospital

Edgemont Veterinary Clinic


Glamorgan Animal Clinic

Jasper Veterinary Clinic

Leduc Animal Clinic

Leduc Veterinary Hospital

Midlake Veterinary Clinic

Millwoods East Veterinary Clinic

Park Veterinary Centre

Stockyards Veterinary Services

Sturgeon Animal Hospital

Town Centre Vet Hospital

Vegreville Veterinary Clinic Ltd. & Granada Veterinary Clinic

Memorial Contributions

Jennifer Pastirik

Anonymous - In Memory of Jennifer Pastirik - with sincere condolences from friends and colleagues of Gregory Pastirik with the Quasi-Judicial Boards Division of the City


City Clerk's Office, City of Calgary

Dorothy Couper

Jeff & Lynn Mayall

Joan McCurdy-Myers

Rosanne Mills

Zenny Neuman

George Pastirik

Krista Wodelet

Irene Yamamoto


Connie Varnhagen

Marilyn Eisenbraun

Richard Eisenbraun

Bijou Woolgar

Shannon Woolgar - In loving memory of Bijou Woolgar. She was a wonderful little bully who filled the hearts of those around her with love laughter and joy.