Why Participate in the Tails of Help 2018 Alberta Challenge?

Yes there are great prizes, but the greatest prize is helping to save more sick or injured Alberta pets!
Here is a picture of Dioji, one of over 150 Alberta pets that Tails of Help has saved already this year, and more than 550 during the past 5 years.
Read more about Dioji's heart-warming success story and the Alberta Challenge on our web page here:

 Read about Dioji-s heart-warming story on our Success Stories page!

Read about Dioji-s heart-warming story on our Success Stories page!


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But the biggest prize is helping us to save more pets!

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Now any clinic/team can win a prize!
Any staff/team member can win!
Any client/donor or visitor can win!

Questions about the Alberta Challenge or Prize Draws? email to alberta-challenge@tailsofhelp.ca

Protect your pets this Halloween!

Humans love chocolate for all occasions, especially at Halloween! Unfortunately, chocolate in all forms is poisonous to our pets and should be kept away from them.


Who is at risk?

Cats and dogs are both at risk of chocolate poisoning. However, there are more reported cases of dogs being affected since dogs typically eat just about anything. Smaller pets face much greater risk of chocolate toxicity than large breed dogs because it only takes a small amount of chocolate to negatively affect them. 3 ounces of milk chocolate can cause vomiting and diarrhea in a 9kg dog while it takes about 11 ounces to cause the same effects in an 35 kg dog.


Theobromine, the naturally occurring stimulant in chocolate and cocoa, along with caffeine can cause an increased heart rate. A pet that consumes toxic amounts of chocolate can experience hyperactivity, tremors, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and potentially death.


Take pets with suspected chocolate poisoning to their veterinarian immediately. The veterinarian may induce vomiting. Active charcoal may be used to prevent absorption into the bloodstream. Additional fluid therapy may also be warranted.

Different types of chocolate

Dark chocolate contains more of the stimulants than milk chocolate, and unsweetened chocolate and baking chocolate contains even higher amounts, which make them more dangerous. White chocolate contains only trace amounts of caffeine and theobromine, but is still bad for your cat or dog and should still be avoided.

Happy Howloween!

We had great sunny weather and a nice crowd turn up on Saturday Oct 27 for the 2018 Tails of Help Howloween Dog Walk.
Here is the first place prize winning duo of dinosaurs, posing with some friends at the event. Thank you to everyone who participated, and we look forward to doing it even bigger and better next year!

Watch our Howloween page here for more photos coming soon…
And thank you for photos taken by 'Kayla Williamson, volunteering on behalf of Next Big Move Calgary, https://www.nextbigmovecalgary.com/tails-of-help/'

Halloween pet safety!? 

Did you know?

Raisins can be toxic to dogs if ingested and can cause acute kidney injury. Halloween is coming and with that treats! Keep those treats safely out of the reach of your pets! Some of these treats may contain raisins. Acute kidney injury can result in a myriad of clinical signs and can be life threatening if left untreated.

It is unknown what substance in raisins (and grapes too!) is responsible for causing toxicity in our dogs and not every case of raisin ingestion will result in illness. If your dog has ingested raisins please contact your veterinarian immediately for advice to help keep your pet healthy.


To aid in spreading the word about Tails of Help we are proud to release the June 2017 issue for our TOH newsletter.

Highlights this month include:

  • Last call for Calgary pet lovers to join the "Howloween" Dog Walk this Saturday!
  • Important announcement about Tails of Help funding crisis, and restart of accepting new aid applications for pets in need
  • Details of the 2017 Tails of Help Alberta Challenge campaign running this November 1 through December 20, including DONATION MATCHING for all contributions!
  • another great Tails of Help success story about pets and owners we have aided
  • and more...
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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Tails of Help major annual fundraising campaign the Alberta Challenge 2017, November 1 - December 20

Looking for a project to help pets and people? Our 2017 Tails of Help Alberta Challenge is coming this fall – and we need your help!

Double Dollar Donations - a generous donor will match contributions made during the Alberta Challenge! This means that every dollar raised in the Alberta Challenge competition will go twice as far –  and that means we can help twice as many pets. Have fun competing and you could even win some great prizes!

To find out more about the Alberta Challenge, click here. 



To aid in spreading the word about Tails of Help we are proud to release the June 2017 issue for our TOH newsletter. Highlights this month include:

  • Important announcement about Tails of Help funding crisis, and pause in accepting new aid applications for pets in need;
  • Info and pictures for prize presentations from the first Alberta Challenge trophy competition between Northern and Southern Alberta last October-November;
  • and more...
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Important Announcement: New Application Criteria & Funding LimitS

Recently Tails of Help conducted a review of the funding limits and the financial need categories of eligible pet owners ... that has assisted Tails of Help to make significant changes that we believe will make the program accessible for more Alberta pet owners in financial hardship, while still keeping the process simple, with clear qualification criteria that make it easy for clinics to make their decision about submitting an application for their client.

Tails of Help is pleased to formally announce changes to funding limits and the application criteria which become effective April 10th, 2017... (more)

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Alberta Challenge final results posted Nov 15th:

Final week update after competition finish Nov 11:


Northern Alberta wins the 2016 Regional Challenge with $10,543 compared to Southern Alberta’s $5,442.

As of the close of the Alberta Challenge competition, here are the Top 10 Fundraising clinics/groups:

  1. N - Town Centre Veterinary Hospital                      $2,715
  2. N - Park Veterinary Centre                                      $1,664
  3. N - Dog & Cat Hospital                                           $1,475
  4. S - CARE Centre                                                       $1,248
  5. N - Guardian Veterinary Centre                              $1,181
  6. S - Happy Paws Vet Clinic                                       $1,040
  7. S - Landing Animal Clinic                                           $937
  8. S - Calgary North Veterinary Hospital                       $928
  9. N - Calgary Trail Pet Hospital                                    $872
  10. N - Leduc Animal Hospital                                         $687

Our sincere thanks go out to these groups and the many others who participated in the first ever Tails of Help Month Alberta Challenge.

Together you raised over $16,000 during this campaign, which serves to keep more pets healthy and with their loving families!

Please visit the TOH-Month-Submit-Funds page:
Click here, ( tailsofhelp.com/tohmonth-submit-funds/ ) 
or watch your email for information on submitting the donation funds to Tails of Help. 
Please submit Tails of Help Month donations by Friday December 2. 
Alberta Challenge prizes will be awarded to the top 3 fundraisers after submission of their donations.

And remember, you can keep the fun going and boost your team holiday spirit by continuing to do Tails of Help fundraising from now through Christmas.
You can do pet photos with Santa, nail trims, and other fun events to gather more donations that will help even Alberta low-income families when their pets are ill or injured.