Associate Veterinary Clinics supports 'Tails of Help' Founders Campaign

“If one pet is saved, if one pet is able to stay with their family…that's success”
Dr. Danny Joffe, DVM, National Medical Director, Associate Veterinary Clinics

“At the emergency clinic where I spend the majority of my time, we regularly see clients who come in with a sick animal we can treat but whose family does not have the financial means to pursue treatment. For us, as veterinary professionals, for the families of these pets, this is heartbreaking.”

Veterinary clinics often provide some free or reduced-fee treatment for families in difficult financial circumstances. Offering free treatment for all of these cases however would put the entire veterinary industry in peril. “Today, veterinarians offer more free treatment than they can afford,” states Dr. Joffe. “The demand is so high, however, that if practices were to do so with every case, then from an economic standpoint they simply would not be able to stay open.”

With nowhere to turn to, many families are either forced to surrender their pets or to euthanize them. These are devastating decisions and they can be particularly heart wrenching for those whose main companion is their pet.

Tails of Help was established to help families and their pets not have to make these terrible decisions. Tails of Help is an Alberta-based animal welfare charity whose mission is to offer financial aid to provide life-saving and health improvement treatments for pets when families are unable to pay for this care. Through this mission, Tails of Help helps families, pets and the veterinarians that care for them.

“Our clients come from the community, but we also serve the community, and we take this role seriously,” explains Dr. Joffe. “As soon as we heard about Tails of Help, we decided that our clinic was going to make a significant gift to this important cause.

“If one pet is saved, if one pet is able to stay with his family, that's success,” answers Dr. Danny Joffe when asked about Tails of Help. “But I think true success would be when we see increased awareness and support from the public and the veterinary community. Tails of Help needs to increase its capacity to help even more families and pets in need. When Tails of Help becomes is able to help every family and pet in need – that would be true success.”