Guardian Veterinary Centre supports 'Tails of Help' Founders Campaign

“We (Tails of Help) are never going to be able to help everybody. I think success is measured not necessarily by how many you help, or what percentage you help, but the fact that you can help.” – Dr. Dave Fowler, DVM, Surgeon, Owner and Managing Partner of Guardian Veterinary Centre

Guardian Veterinary Centre is an animal referral and emergency centre in Edmonton, Alberta and the only facility of its kind in the city. The centre has been in operation for three years and has a 24/7 emergency clinic in addition to specialists in surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, cardiology, and critical care. It also was one of the first organizations to show its support for the launch of the Tails of Help Charity.

“I first heard about Tails of Help through my partner, Brent Jackson, who is more involved on a daily basis with the ABVMA than myself,” says Guardian Veterinary Centre owner and managing partner Dr. Dave Fowler. “As I understand it, the mission of Tails of Help is to facilitate pet health care for folks that are in financial need.”

“We see patients on a daily basis where finances become a significant impediment to dealing with the [health] problem... [people] struggle to financially come up with the means to deal with the problems we may have effective treatments for, but that are just not affordable for the owners.”

Though many pet hospitals across Alberta provide pro bono services, or have their own funding programs for families in need, such as the Guardian Fund, they cannot shoulder the burden alone.

Families who cannot afford essential pet care often have to make the difficult decision to surrender their pet to a shelter, in hopes that someone else will be able to provide for the necessary treatment. This places additional pressure on community services, explains Dr. Fowler, as humane and rescue societies already carry the responsibility for fostering and adopting animals needing loving homes.

Dr. Fowler sees firsthand on a daily basis, the impact pets have on their families and hopes that Tails of Help will allow for more pets to be saved and to remain at home.

“Companion pets are now recognized in terms of well-being for people…” says Dr. Fowler. “As a society, we are now placing importance and value on human-pet interaction.”

Guardian Veterinary Centre supports Tails of Help’s efforts to provide clearly defined treatment and financial needs criteria, which makes it easy for participating clinics to determine with strong certainty those who would most benefit from their services. The members of Guardian hope that supporting Tails of Help will supplement other efforts to promote health care and awareness in the Alberta community.

Tails of Help welcomes Guardian Veterinary Centre’s Platinum level donation for our 2013-14 Founders Campaign.