Edmonton Clinics raise nearly $1000 in “Spring 202 Tails of Help Campaign”

Three clinics in the Edmonton Area — Companion Veterinary Clinic, Terwillegar Veterinary Clinic and Town Centre Veterinary Hospital — were the trailblazers in our new Spring 202 Tails of Help campaign. They each displayed the 202 Tails of Help campaign poster (available at no charge from WDDC) for around a month and sold paper tails for $2 each or 3 for $ 5 or 15 for $20. The three clinics raised a total of nearly $1000 and sold nearly 500 tails. Many people donated more than 2 or 5 dollars and some people donated 20 or 50 dollars. Visitors often had not heard of Tails of Help before this, but once they heard of our mission “to provide financial assistance for essential veterinary care for Albertans in Need”, they were excited and happy to help out.

A visitor at the Companion Veterinary Clinic poses for a photo op at the 202 Tails of Help campaign display!

Some of the clinics had door prizes for gift baskets with items donated by Royal Canin, a premier corporate sponsor for Tails of Help. We also received donations from other generous companies as well as from the clinics themselves. These were attractive and appealing additions for visitors.  Sherri, from Terwillegar, and Megan, from Town Centre, made baskets with dog toys and items and a separate one just for the cats we all love.  The clinics also used Facebook, blogs and in-clinic TV to let visitors know about Tails of Help. 

The team at the Town Centre Veterinary Hospital celebrate their 202 Tails campaign success

The success of this pilot fundraising campaign was greatly due to the enthusiasm of the reception staff at these practices.  Kyla, the TOH coordinator from Companion Veterinary Clinic said “I created a product number without GST for a two dollar donation, told clients about the charity at time of checkout and asked them if they would like the donation added to their invoice. It was easy.” The staff wrote the names of the pets on the paper tails and often decorated them with spots and paw prints before placing them beside the poster.  

the display at terwillegar VEterinary Clinic became very crowded with 202 tails campaign donations

We should give great credit for this creative fundraising idea to the originators of this campaign. It began in May of last year, initiated by a Registered Animal Health Technologist named Jenna Hall at the Coach Hill Veterinary Hospital in southwest Calgary where she worked (Hall has since moved to work at Springbank Pet Hospital in northwest Calgary). Inspired by other non-profit fundraising efforts she has encountered through the years, Hall designed a campaign to boost donations as well as awareness in clinics.

the 202 tails campaign starts spreads out at the companion veterinary hospital

Tails of Help campaigns in Veterinary Clinics are about educating visitors and making them aware that the veterinary community cares about all people and pets, whatever the financial status of the owner. It is wonderful to get donations but another it is equally important to inform and educate the community about Tails of Help and the wonderful role that veterinary clinics play in helping others.  Sherry e-mailed “I believe all of the clients responded that this was the first time that they heard of you guys {TOH}, so that's good that we explained the purpose of Tails of Help. After they were informed, all of the responses were with a smile and thoughts of generosity and kindness that Tails of Help is giving”.

Megan, the TOH coordinator from Town Centre Veterinary Hospital, wrote in an e-mail at the end of the campaign “It has been super fun coordinating this charity in our clinic, and the response from clients is awesome!

Tails of Help gives our sincere thanks to all these clinics and their dedicated and enthusiastic staff for doing the first trials of our “202 Tails of Help Poster Campaign”. They were real innovators!

clinics can order the 202 tails of help fundraising kit directly from wddc for free