Harvest Hills Veterinary Clinic Euthanasia Sympathy / Memorial Donations

Jennifer Welder, RVT at Harvest Hills Veterinary Clinic in Calgary, took a few minutes to chat with Tails of Help about the clinic’s Euthanasia Sympathy/Memorial Donations program. Welder is a registered veterinary technologist and has over seventeen years at the practice, and co-manages Harvest Hills Veterinary Clinic.

Harvest Hills Veterinary Clinic has set up a euthanasia sympathy/memorial card program to honour their clients’ deceased pets. The clinic staff handwrites a note and sends it to each family in condolence for their pet. With the memorial card, staff members include a Tails of Help information card letting the recipient know that a donation has been made to the charity in memory of their pet. The clinic hopes these memorial cards make families feel that the staff of Harvest Hills have made a positive impact on another family’s life, by honouring their pet with a $10 donation to a reputable charity that is working to help other Alberta pets and their owners.

Previously, Harvest Hills Veterinary Clinic used to make a $10 contribution to a foundation in the United States. When they heard about Tails of Help at an Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) conference they thought it would be even better to be able to donate for pets and families in need within Alberta.

Welder says her clinic aligned with Tails of Help from the very first time she heard about the charity at the conference. As Tails of Help began to roll out their memorial program, Harvest Hills made the switch at the clinic to participate, and has raised over $2,000 since June of 2014, which has made a great contribution to helping pets in need across the province.

At Harvest Hills, the staff want people to have their last moments with their pet in a peaceful environment and make sure their last image of their pet is not a scary one. They want to make this painful time as smooth and easy as they can for pets and families, and strive to make it as stress-free as possible. Welder believes “losing a pet is a hard enough process; we shouldn’t make the family’s final trip to the vet with their pet unbearable.” Welder and her team want people to know “we are truly sorry for their loss and we are remembering their pet by making a donation to Tails of Help in memory of their beloved pet.” By sending sympathy cards to clients, the clinic also hopes to make them feel more comfortable in returning if and when they are ready to take another pet into their homes and hearts.

Tails of Help would like to thank Jennifer Welder and the staff at Harvest Hills Veterinary Clinic for their commitment to their Euthanasia Sympathy/Memorial Donations program, and their continuing donations and support for Tails of Help. The clinic’s contribution has been extremely beneficial to Tails of Help and the charity’s goal to assist seniors, disabled, or low-income pet owners when their pets are ill or injured and in need of essential veterinary treatment.