Associate Veterinary Clinics commits to sponsor Tails of Help at Platinum Level

We are pleased and proud to announce that Associate Veterinary Clinics (AVC) have formalized their sponsorship for Tails of Help at the Platinum Level through 2017!

Tails of Help is a volunteer-driven registered charity focused on helping Albertans in need. Approved by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, Tails of Help provides funding for essential veterinary care for ill or injured pets of owners who are experiencing financial hardship. 

Each year, thousands of cases of pet essential treatment require financial aid in Alberta, leaving many pets without the care they need.  Tails of Help, with support from AVC and other generous sponsors, will continue to help keep pets healthy and with their loving families.

Associate Veterinary Clinics is a family of more than more than 75 veterinary practices in four provinces across Canada, all devoted to providing friendly and compassionate care for your pets. "Our mission: Helping People Make Pets' Lives Better!"

Paw it Forward is an initiative created by AVC as a way to raise awareness and engage the entire community – AVC practices, local supporting agencies, clients and our partners to help people make pets' lives better. "Given the power of the human-animal bond, we seek to support this connection as much as possible."

In addition to the Platinum sponsorship, AVC is supporting the Tails of Help Inaugural Golf Tournament in Edmonton in September. AVC also will be offering support on behalf of their practice clients who have lost a treasured pet family member through a new program. Further details for this new program will be coming soon.

As a founding sponsor for Tails of Help, AVC is proud to continue to support the great work they do. Every pet lover can support Tails of Help to keep pets healthy and with their loving families — by volunteering, donating at your veterinary practice, or contribute online.