Tails of Help at Calgary Pet Expo

The 15th annual Calgary Pet Expo took place at Spruce Meadows on April 25-26, 2015. The event is a two-day consumer trade show that is open to the public. The event hosted groups including retailers, service providers, entertainers, clubs and organizations that cater to pets. The show strives to include all types of pets; anything from dogs & cats, to reptiles and other small caged exotics.  This year’s event featured bunny racing and a goat petting zoo! 

A group of dedicated volunteers staffed the Tails of Help booth situated near the center of the arena. This year, the Tails of Help crew was able to engage Expo visitors with information about our organization and were able to speak with hundreds of interested participants.  Many of the Expo participants, including veterinarians and other charities, had heard of Tails of Help; this was a welcome feeling for volunteers to have.  It seems that word about Tails of Help is starting to get out among the pet-loving community and this is great news.  Additionally, members of the public who were not active in the veterinary world were enthusiastic about Tails of Help’s mission and learning more about the charity. 

After nearly two years of spreading the word about who Tails of Help is and what the organization does, it was heartwarming to speak with an audience who had heard about us.  As the charity continues to grow, events like the Calgary Pet Expo will continue to be great venues for Tails of Help volunteers to meet with thousands of pet lovers and grow the charity’s fan base. The Calgary Pet Expo allowed volunteers to mingle with other charitable organizations and speak with pet owners about the organization.

The 2016 Calgary Pet Expo will be held on April 23 & 24 at Spruce Meadows.  For additional information about the Pet Expo, please visit: http://calgarypetexpo.com/

Volunteers are vital to making Tails of Help continue to be successful and help families and pets in need.  For additional information, and to learn more about volunteer opportunities, please visit: http://tailsofhelp.ca/volunteer/