Alberta Challenge final results posted Nov 15th:

Final week update after competition finish Nov 11:


Northern Alberta wins the 2016 Regional Challenge with $10,543 compared to Southern Alberta’s $5,442.

As of the close of the Alberta Challenge competition, here are the Top 10 Fundraising clinics/groups:

  1. N - Town Centre Veterinary Hospital                      $2,715
  2. N - Park Veterinary Centre                                      $1,664
  3. N - Dog & Cat Hospital                                           $1,475
  4. S - CARE Centre                                                       $1,248
  5. N - Guardian Veterinary Centre                              $1,181
  6. S - Happy Paws Vet Clinic                                       $1,040
  7. S - Landing Animal Clinic                                           $937
  8. S - Calgary North Veterinary Hospital                       $928
  9. N - Calgary Trail Pet Hospital                                    $872
  10. N - Leduc Animal Hospital                                         $687

Our sincere thanks go out to these groups and the many others who participated in the first ever Tails of Help Month Alberta Challenge.

Together you raised over $16,000 during this campaign, which serves to keep more pets healthy and with their loving families!

Please visit the TOH-Month-Submit-Funds page:
Click here, ( ) 
or watch your email for information on submitting the donation funds to Tails of Help. 
Please submit Tails of Help Month donations by Friday December 2. 
Alberta Challenge prizes will be awarded to the top 3 fundraisers after submission of their donations.

And remember, you can keep the fun going and boost your team holiday spirit by continuing to do Tails of Help fundraising from now through Christmas.
You can do pet photos with Santa, nail trims, and other fun events to gather more donations that will help even Alberta low-income families when their pets are ill or injured.