VCA Canada Renews Sponsorship at Premier Level

Tails of Help is very proud to announce that VCA Canada has increased their sponsorship commitment for 2017 as a Premier Sponsor. The company was a founding sponsor of Tails of Help and their continuous support has included the 2015 golf tournament and as lead sponsor for the inaugural Tails of Help Month held this past October. We appreciate VCA Canada's support in continuing to make a difference for the lives of Alberta families and pets in need!

"At VCA Canada, pets come first. Our hospital teams, the largest in Canada, are driven by a deep, passionate commitment to enhance and celebrate the bond between pets and people. Our national philanthropic initiative, Paw It Forward, engages the entire community – VCA Canada and our clients, local supporting agencies and their clients, our vendor partners – in caring for life's greatest companions.  Tails of Help is a vital partner in making that happen in Alberta."

"We understand the impact caring for pets has on pet parents. The human-animal bond creates a unique relationship that is everlasting and unlike any other. Caring for pets can ease loneliness, reduce stress and anxiety, promote social interaction, and encourage exercise. Pets are non-judgmental, loyal and trustworthy. They provide unconditional love and affection as well as social and emotional support. No matter your circumstances, pets can provide a deep sense of comfort. For families that are dealing with hardship or just getting by, the importance of this bond can be even more critical to their overall well-being. Pets are a cherished member of many families, and can potentially be one's only family. We work passionately every day to keep these families together and healthy."

Thank you to all Tails of Help donors and sponsors for taking part in this year's campaign, for your continued contributions to this worthwhile cause by volunteering, donating at your veterinary clinic, or contributing online, and for helping more Alberta pets live longer, healthier lives.